Our Mission

In a world of war, famine, and underprivileged children and families, LifeDrops has found a solution to provide these amenities. LifeDrops is a private company started by entrepreneurs with not just a country, or even a set of countries in mind, but the whole world. LifeDrops aims to provide underprivileged people of war in second and third world countries that have been torn apart by war. So, how do we accomplish this? This was the same question founding fathers of LifeDrops asked themselves fourteen years ago. LifeDrops utilizes modern, state of the art drone technology to service people across the world. The concept is simple, a drone is fitted with a package at a warehouse near or in a country. Then, the drone is programmed to fly to a certain location that is known for keeping innocent refugees in war-torn countries. The package contains basic supplies for survival, including water, food, medical supplies, blow-out tents, and much more depending on the location and situation.

Why Drones?

You might ask, why use drones to supply people? Well, our scientists and engineers at LifeDrops were able to manipulate solar power and battery power to create a method of providing energy for our drones to fly for DAYS at a time, without even coming close to a need for refuel. This allows heavy prioritization and massive efficiency. Not only this, our engineers were able to malleate a very cheap form of titanium to use as the main body of each drone. This allows the drone to be strong, sturdy, bulletproof, and still light enough to be propelled.

  • 10,000+Possible life changes
  • 5000 Backers
  • 200% Growth
  • 20 Sponsored Governments
  • 5000+ Life Restorations

We are a non-profit organization providing medical air drops to families and children in need during a time of war. We run our base of operations in countries with state of terrorism and war. We then send drones with air drops of supplies for children and families.

How we run?

We provide food, water, clothing, bandages, tents, and other necessities for living. Our highly regulated drones are small, low ground drones to prevent suspicious behavior and unnecessary attention. During a time of war, the order link will only be active in that war zone to prevent “trolls” from other countries to order. The child or family who order a drop will have to say a sentence to confirm that that is their package. This voice activation will be useful against thieves. As the customer orders their free drop, we will be able to track the location they logged on and record their voice. As a result, we are able to send the package to the recipient.