Welcome to LifeDrops

A Drop a Day Saves the Day

Why we help?

LifeDrops aims to provide underprivileged people in second and third world countries that have been torn apart by war. This is accomplished through revolutionary advancements made in drone technology.

How We Give Hope

So, how do we accomplish our goal? This was the same question founding fathers of LifeDrops asked themselves fourteen years ago. LifeDrops utilizes modern, state of the art drone technology to service people across the world by delivering packages filled with necessary supplies for survival.

What's included in a LifeDrop?

A Drop a Day Saves the Day

In each Drop, we offer a range of medical supplies ranging from bandages to stethescopes with instructions in the appropriate language


Along with medical supplies, we offer means of shelter such as tents

You have the option of adding food and water along with the LifeDrop to help the impacted war victims