HealthWatch Review – Is It REALLY The Perfect Companion?

Your mental and physical state has, of course, a huge impact on your overall quality of life. This is why it is very important to take good care of your health and strive to improve it if necessary.

There are a few factors that influence your health and, most of the time, it takes focusing on improving yourself in those areas to be healthier. Such factors include being physically active, having enough sleep  that’s of good quality, and having vital signs appropriate for your current age.

Now, the time we live in is very dynamic, and we could definitely use the help of a good gadget so that we can understand our health status. Not only is a gadget like this a faster way to understand our health, but it can certainly motivate us to do more in relation of our health and be healthier. This is where the revolutionary HealthWatch comes into play.

In this review, we’ll focus on the design, features, and performance of the amazing HealthWatch and provide you with information on what this gadget does and why you need it. By reading the review, you’ll learn more about each of the features of the HealthWatch and understand how the watch can improve your health. That being said, let’s start by talking about the ways in which the HealthWatch is beneficial to you.

On HealthWatch: a general overview

In short, the HealthWatch is a health tracking watch that you can wear on your hand. Of course, this watch will not only tell you what time it is, but will also  show you data about your vital signs. In order to do this, the watch comes with a set of features that are specifically designed to tackle the factors on which your health depends.

The watch includes the following features: monitoring of your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep quality, activity level, the calories you’ve burnt, the distance you’ve passed by walking or jogging, the steps you’ve taken, and many more. Furthermore, there are many interesting side features that are available on the HealthWatch and are related to your social life and entertainment. For example, the watch allows you to take calls, get notifications from your social media profiles, take photos with your phone by pressing a button on the watch, and get information about the weather.

In terms of its design, the HealthWatch looks like a very fashionable and stylish hand watch with fancy straps that come in more than one color. The straps feel comfy on the hand, and the holes on them allow you to adjust the watch for your hand’s shape and size. The watch, furthermore, features an OLED colorful touch screen, which means that its features are easily accessible.

The compatibility of the HealthWatch should be the least of your concerns since the gadget is compatible with both IOS and Android. This watch will connect to your phone if the phone is an IOS 9.0 and above, or an Andrioid 4.4 and the above versions. Therefore, put your phone inside your pocket, and go for that jog or walk that you intended to go for.

In general, the HealthWatch has many features that can help you be healthier, it looks very nice, and it is compatible with both IOS and Android. These things, along with the fact that you can wear it on your hand and have easy access to all of its features, make the HealthWatch a great health tracker. However, there are some properties of the watch that make it be the best health watch currently available on the market, and we’d like to talk about them in the following section.

Why is HealthWatch the watch you need?

When you’re thinking about buying a gadget that will keep track of your health, you want it to be able to give you truthful informaton. The factors that make for a good health watch are its features, accuracy, durability, battery life, and affordability. The HealthWatch will not fail you when it comes to all of these factors.

The features that he HealthWatch has to offer are drop down amazing. They cover everything from information on the work of your heart and blood pressure, sleep monitoring, activity tracking, and calls and social network notifications. This means that you will know what your status is for the general factors that contribute to your health while at the same time being connected to people.

You’ll want to be sure that all the information that the watch gives you about your vital signs is accurate. Needless to say, accuracy is not an issue for the HealthWatch. The technology that the watch relies on is so sophisticated that you will get precise information throughout the entire day and throughout the night.

Then, you also need to have a health watch that will be durable to physical impacts and last longer. Of course, the manufacturers of the HealthWatch knew this, and they created a watch of high-quality materials that can’t get damaged easily. This watch is also waterproof, IP67 certified, and dustproof, which means that you can use it while swimming and that it’ll always stay clean of dust.

Furthermore, you should mind the battery quality of your health watch and pick a watch that will serve you well throughout the day. The battery of the HealthWatch can last for up to 15 days in standby mode, so you won’t need to charge it way too often. Of course, the high-quality battery enables the watch to work impeccably 24/7.

Last, but not least, you should know that the HealthWatch is a very affordable health watch. This watch comes at a great price, and it will give you a big bang for the buck. This way, you won’t have to buy a really expensive watch, but you will still get many amazing features that will inform you about your health.

Features of the HealthWatch

Information about your heart rate

The HealthWatch does an amazing job at monitoring your heart rate during different activities. You can completely rely on this fitness watch to tell you how fast your heart is beating while you’re sitting, walking, running, swimming, or doing some sport. This feature will enable you to exercise in a way that doesn’t exhaust your heart and cause you any heart-related problems.

Information about your blood pressure and blood oxygen pressure

Having a normal blood pressure lowers the risk of many health problems arising from dysfunctional blood vessels which can lead to damage to your brain, heart, kidneys, and eyes. On the other hand, a suitable blood oxygen pressure makes sure that your blood has enough oxygen in it, and that your body is well-oxygenated. Now, the HealthWatch can accurately and easily measure both of these pressures so that you’re well-informed about this and take any measures to improve your health if needed.

Sleep monitoring

A good amount of sleep does certainly mean a healthier lifestyle, and it prevents many diseases from becoming a part of your life. However, it is not only about how much you sleep, but how well you sleep too. Luckily, the HealthWatch does come with a great feature to provide you not only with data on how much you’ve slept through the night, but also whether you were relaxed or restless while sleeping.

Sedentary reminder

Another feature available on the HealthWatch is its sedentary reminder. We all know that the lack of physical activity can have a detrimental effect on your health with your brain, heart, and blood vessels being negatively affected. Needless to say, the watch having a sedentary reminder offers you a great strategy that helps you be way more physically active and keep a good health status.

Steps, distance, exercise time, and calorie tracker

The HealthWatch also comes with features to measure the number of steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve passed, tell you how long you’ve exercised, and that can keep track of your calories. These features are great for better organizing your exercise routine, and can help you prevent obesity. Of course, by doing that, the HealthWatch helps you stay healthy and improve your health.

Calls, messages, and notifications

No matter where you are and what you’re doing, with the HealthWatch you can always take a call or be reminded of one. Aside from calls, you will also get push messages and notifications from your social media accounts. This watch, is therefore, the perfect gadget for keeping you connected with your friends and family while at the same time giving you data which you can use to stay healthy or improve your health.

Take pictures

Taking pictures might become one of your favourite side features available on the HealthWatch. The way this works is that you can use your watch as a remote control that will help you take shots on your phone. This is a great feature to have if you want to take photos at a distance in an easy way.

Switch through the tracks on your phone

For most of us, jogging and other sport activities are more fun when coupled with some great beats and melodies. If you like to listen to your favourite tracks while you’re being physically active, the HealthWatch will make sure you have an enjoyable experience. The watch comes with a feature that allows you to switch through the music on your phone for a fun and careless fitness time.

Alarm reminder

There’s an inevitable bond between a watch and an alarm reminder, and this proves to be the truth in the case of the HealthWatch too. This watch will help you wake up on time or remind you when to start exercising by activating a clock alarm on it. Well, it looks like not only will you get accurate data, but you’ll also do more healthy activities on time and in a more organized manner.

Free Health App

To have a better outlook on what you want to achieve in terms of your health and what your current health status is, the HealthWatch comes with a great Health App. You will get this app for free, and you’ll be able to easily install it. Organizing yourself so that you can improve your health and obtain the results you wish for will be very easy and convenient.

Weather information

Getting information about the weather conditions in the days you want to do some exercise is pretty useful. Being a smart watch, the HealthWatch has an integrated feature that will inform you about the weather. The information will be accurate and reliable, and you’ll be able to be prepared in terms of the weather and schedule your exercise for when the weather conditions are suitable.

Who can use the HealthWatch?

Now, let’s talk about the big question—who can actually use the HealthWatch? Well, let us tell you that the answer to the question is not that the gadget is useful for certain people only. Of course, serious athletes will have a great use of this fitness watch, but amateur and recreational athletes will be able to experience the benefits of having the watch as well.

The HealthWatch is perfectly suitable for athletes of all kinds. You can use it if you are a runner, a footballer, a basketball player, or if you do just about any other sport. Of course, this smart watch is also very suitable for swimmers due to it being waterproof, so if you are a swimmer, don’t be scared to swim as much as you want.

If you are a serious athlete, the HealthWatch will most definitely be a great addition to your practices and improve your results. On the other hand, if you’re an amateur who is just getting ‘into the game’ of sports, this watch will help you understand what you should and should not do while exercising. Whichever your case might be, the HealthWatch will improve your sport life while minding your health at the same time.

Now, you don’t have to be an athlete to use this watch since the HealthWatch is a great gadget for people who just want to do some kind of fitness activity or keep track of their health status. The many features of the HealthWatch make it very suitable for everyone who just wants to stay healthy. As we’ve already mentioned, you can use the watch to measure your vital signs, understand your health better, and stay healthy.

How to use this gadget

We’ve went over the design and features of the HealthWatch, and we’ve also talked about who this gadget is for. However, you’ll be short on information if you don’t understand how to use this fitness watch, so let’s dedicate a few lines on that as well.

As we already mentioned, the HealthWatch is designed as compatible with both Android and IOS, and in order to get your watch started, you’ll need to first connect it to your phone. By doing this, you’ll be able to use all of the advantages of the watch that are supposed to make you stay connected with people and be entertained. You’ll be able to get those calls, messages, and  notifications, but also change the tracks on your phone and enjoy your time exercising.

Furthermore, you’ll also need to install the free Health App for your phone and track your health goals and progress. The installation is quick and simple, but we guarantee you that you’ll find the app very useful. Then, whenever you want to know more about your health, just check the app and find the information that you need.

Of course, keep track of your daily activities and results by reading the data that your watch has collected throughout the day. By doing this every day, you will be working on being healthier all the time and establish a good health improvement routine. The same applies for tracking your sleep duration and quality.


After elaborating on all of the aspects of the HealthWatch, we can conclude that this smart fitness watch is a very valuable health gadget. The watch has great features and an attractive design, and it is made of very durable materials. It is also waterproof and dustproof, it can be easily connected to your phone, and it comes with a nice free Health App to keep you organized and motivated.

Besides from all of its great properties and additions, this fitness watch performs very well, and you can always count on it being accurate. This means that you will always be setting the right health goals based on the right health data. Obviously, the correctly set goals will take you to the results that you need and wish for, and you’ll feel healthier and happier.

Another great thing about the HealthWatch is that it comes at a very affordable price. This means that you won’t have to get a loan to buy a good health watch. Therefore,  you’ll be able to save some money and stay healthy at the same time.

Ultimately,  the HealthWatch really is a gadget worth purchasing.

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