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What is ThePhotoStick?

As a person who lives in the 21st century, you probably have a nice computer that you regularly use, and there are probably a lot of pictures and videos on it. Yes, we are so into taking pictures and record videos of pretty much everything today, that we literally have an entire autobiography made of shots and recordings. However, as much as we enjoy making our memories and experiences permanent, we often forget about how important it is to also keep the photos and videos we take safe.

Computers can crash due to several reasons, and their hard drives can start malfunctioning as well. Once your hard drive starts to malfunction, the prognosis for you seeing your dear photos and videos again is drop down uncertain. Getting the driver fixed will be expensive, and it will not guarantee you a recovering of your files. On the other hand, there are situations in which the driver can get physically damaged, and, well, if the damage is too bad your files are certainly lost forever.

Furthermore, all those pictures and videos that we store on our computers take up a huge amount of space. Avoiding to deal with this problem can ultimately slow down and disrupt the operating of your device. As a result, you will be the one who’ll be slowed down and forced to have a bad time while working on your computer.

To prevent any of this from happening, you should start thinking about a backup of your photos and videos. A great way to do that is ThePhotoStick. Please, read this review to learn more about what ThePhotoStick is and how you can use it so to never lose any of your loved photos and videos.

The answer to this question is pretty simple and straightforward as is the ThePhotoStick itself. ThePhotoStick is a tiny stick that you can insert into your computer to backup your photos and videos. It was designed to give you the option of a safe and quick backup so that you don’t spend your precious time and effort on protecting the future of your files.

ThePhotoStick literally looks like an ordinary USB stick, but the resemblance to one can mostly be spotted when it comes to its outside appearance. This stick definitely differs from your classic USB stick in the way that it works and the tasks that it’s supposed to perform. However, on the outside it has a connective ending like a regular USB flash, and this ending is supposed to go inside a USB port on your computer when you want to do a backup of your files.

This stick is pretty easy to use, and does the backup on its own with a minimal help from you. What we mean by ‘help’ here is that you will, of course, need to plug in and plug out your stick and authorize the backup process. However, that’s pretty much how involved you’ll be in the entire process (we’ll discuss this later when going over the features of the stick).

Briefly, this is what ThePhotoStick does for you and your computer, and that’s the way it works. We’ll now tackle these two aspects of the stick and give you the details about the way the stick performs.

How does it work?

To get that necessary backup finally done in a simple way, you might want to get yourself ThePhotoStick. If you already have it, you’ll need to take the plastic cap that’s covering its ending off and insert the stick into one of the ports on your computer. Make sure that your computer is turned on before you do the backup since the process cannot be done on a computer that’s turned off.

Once you have the stick plugged in one of the ports on your computer, the computer will notify you that your stick was registered by it. What this usually means is that you’ll see a big empty window with a single ‘Go’ button in the middle of it. By pressing on this button, you’ll authorize the backup process and allow ThePhotoStick to take over from there.

If the window doesn’t pop up on your computer’s screen, you should look for the stick in MyComputer and locate it there. Once you’ve found the icon of the stick on your computer, double click on it and the window should pop up. When the window pops up, press the ‘Go’ button and wait until the backup has been completed.

Once the backup is completed, you can unplug ThePhotoStick from the USB port and enjoy the feeling of knowing that your photos and videos are safe.

The performance of ThePhotoStick is nothing but remarkable. You will get thousands of photos and videos on it in a time in which you would manually be able to transfer far less. By saying this, we’re already starting to explain why you need to get ThePhotoStick, so let’s transfer to the topic of the next section.

Why do you need it?

ThePhotoStick RedOne of the main reasons why you need ThePhotoStick is because you want to make sure that you’ll never lose your photos and videos. As we already said, this can happen due to damage to your computer or its hard drive. However, you can also lose your files if you store them on the cloud as well.

The next reason to get yourself this stick is because you want your computer to operate well. Again, this was already mentioned before, but we cannot stress how important it is to not have a computer with too many files on it. For one, it could start to malfunction and you might lose your pictures and videos, and also, you’ll have a hard time using a computer that doesn’t perform the way it should.

Now, when it comes to why you really need to buy ThePhotoStick, we must say that that has to do a lot with its features which we’ll talk about in the section bellow. You’ll learn that this stick performs accurately, with precision, quickly, and automatically. This sticker was basically designed to work in a way that will solve all the problems that could happen while a manual backup and while storing your files on the cloud.

Besides from being inherently great, ThePhotoStick comes at a very affordable price. Isn’t it just amazing when something is available to you for just a little bit of money, but performs extraordinarily? Well, maybe if we didn’t go into detail about this great stick, we would’ve used that previous sentence as a way to describe ThePhotoStick. Now, let’s talk about its features.


The features of ThePhotoStick are, as we already mentioned, in the function of making the backup process easier for you and help the stick instantly execute what you might spend hours and days figuring out. There are eight features that we’ll focus on explaining in this review and help you see how they make ThePhotoStick be an exceptional stick.

Performs the backup quickly

When using ThePhotoStick, you’ll feel like you’ve finished with the backup before you’ve even started it. This is because this stick works so fast and scans your computer so quickly, so you end up with a complete backup after just a few minutes. We believe that there’s not a single person in the world who wouldn’t like a fast backup of their photos and videos, so this is just one of the reasons why ThePhotoStick is a great stick.

It doesn’t require an installation and it’s easy-to-use

Besides from working fast, ThePhotoStick is installation-free and very easy-to-use. Having the chance to avoid an installation software is not the preference of only those of us who don’t know that much about computers. An installation-free stick means less trouble and less effort used for pretty much everyone.

If you haven’t skipped a section of this review, you’ve probably understood by now that all that it takes to get the stick to perform the backup is to insert it in a USB port on your computer. Then, you press the ‘Go’ button to allow your stick to proceed with the backup, and when it’s done, you just unplug it from the computer. If there’s a book of Easy Performances in the world, the performance of ThePhotoStick would be the first one to be mentioned.

It requires no Internet connection

Most of us love the Internet, but there are situations when it can be pretty restrictive for the things we intend to do. This relates to storing your photos and videos on the cloud. On the contrary, ThePhotoStick was designed to be used offline in a way that will allow you to freely backup your files.

Of course, having a stick that is able to perform offline is a great advantage in situations when there’s no Internet. Yes, this can happen, even though you might think that there’s not a corner in the world without Wi-Fi coverage. Trust us, you want to be able to backup your photos and videos without obstructions like these.


When buying a stick for backup of your photos and videos, you want it to be reliable and safe. In case of ThePhotoStick, you shouldn’t worry even for a bit. This stick is perfectly reliable, and you won’t go through the paradoxal situation of losing your files after you’ve copied them on the stick.

This stick can also be considered safe in the sense that it performs well throughout the entire backup process. Therefore, you can always expect that ThePhotoStick will scan your entire computer and backup all of your favourite photos and videos.

Finds duplicates

Pretty often we store so many pictures and videos in our computer that we forget about some of them being stored two or multiple times. This is not something we should be blaming ourselves for. It is completely normal to forget about duplicates when there are just so many files that we’ve been storing throughout the years.

Now, even though we couldn’t blame ourselves for this, we could definitely pass a stick that can’t even recognize duplicates and will backup everything it finds on our computers. Removing duplicates saves space on the stick itself, and should therefore be something the speaker could do for us. Otherwise, the many duplicates would be stored on the stick instead of many other pictures and videos.

Three types of storage sizes

When it comes to the storage sizes, you can buy yourself ThePhotoStick of 8GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 1TB. You’ll be able to backup about 3,500 photos and videos on the 8GB stick, 30,000 on the 64GB stick, 60,000 on the 128GB stick, and much, much more on the 1TB stick. Therefore, you have the option to pick the right stick for you in terms of its storage size.

Usually, an 8GB stick will work well for the needs of someone who has a lot of photos on their computer. The stickers that have larger storage sizes work wonders for someone who is interested in photography or for those of us who want to backup a lot of old photos and videos that have been piling up for a long time now. Think about what your needs are, and pick the right stick for you.

Compatible with various operating systems

Besides from being great in its performance, ThePhotoStick is also compatible with many different versions of the operating systems. This is great because you can use it to backup your photos and videos on a computer with one OS version and then transfer them to another computer with a different OS version. Also, you won’t have to look for a stick that can be connected specifically to your computer, and having not to think about that saves your time and effort.

ThePhotoStick is compatible with Windows and Macintosh. For windows, the stick works on XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. On the other hand, you can use the stick on Macintosh version that is 10.6 or above.

Refund in case of malfunction

So far you’ve learned how great ThePhotoStick is. However, like any other piece of technology, you might encounter some issues with ThePhotoStick as well. As you know, mistakes sometimes happen, and dealing with them is important.

Understandably, if you experience an inconvenience with your stick, the manufacturers of ThePhotoStick will be more than glad to refund you. You’ll just need to return the entire package with the stick that was shipped to you and explain why you are returning the product. This shows how much the company cares about you having a great experience with ThePhotoStick and how understanding this stick’s manufacturers are.

Should you buy it?

ThePhotoStick White on top of laptopDefinitely! There’s not a single thing about the backup process that ThePhotoStick doesn’t cover, which means that you’ll have a blast with this product if you decide to buy it. The stick is accurate, precise, easy-to-use, fast, gets rid of duplicates, works offline, is compatible with different OS versions, and it comes with different storage sizes. Furthermore, it also comes at an extremely affordable price that can’t even match its great value.

We already talked about how accurate and precise ThePhotoStick is and why accuracy matters so much when it comes to stickers of this kind. We mentioned that you will want all of your precious files backed up even if that means that the stick will have to scan through millions of places on your computer. Therefore, you should just get this stick and let it do the job for you.

Furthermore, having a stick that is easy-to-use and works fast is definitely a must have for pretty much everyone. We believe that you wouldn’t like to go through the struggle of installation processes and deal with sticks that take an entire day to finish a backup. That being the case, ThePhotoStick could and will save your day many times.

Another reason why you should buy ThePhotoStick is because it can recognize duplicates and leave them out of the selection. We would like to remind you that this means more space on your stick. Also, it means that the organization of the files on the stick is greater than the one on your computer.

We also mentioned that the stick works offline and that it’s compatible with different OS versions. This shows how flexible the stick is. Being this way, ThePhotoStick can be used on pretty much every computer.

ThePhotoStick also comes with various different storage sizes available for you, so you can pick the size that best meets your needs. With the right size, the backups are perfect, and you’re once more set to go and take pictures and record videos. Just insert it inside your computer’s USB port, click the ‘Go’ button, and let the backup begin.

All of this taken into account, the great value of ThePhotoStick is undeniable and you should definitely get it.


In this review, we managed to cover all the aspects of ThePhotoStick, including its features, performance, and way of operating, and we informed you about the advantages of buying the stick. Of course, the decision to get one is completely yours. However, we believe that getting one will make the managing of your photos and videos easier.

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